Surpassing comfort. Braced for warmth and articulation.

A nod to history. Voiced for folk and fingerstyle.

Our tribute to the shape that started a revolution.

  • Our build philosophy

    Most guitars are built by factories to be indestructible. These goals donʼt always align with the desires of the player. We get excited about building you an instrument by hand that will help you play and sound your best.

  • 3-piece neck

    A 3-piece neck adds strength and promotes stability of the neck position over the life of our guitars. 

  • Soundbox voicing

    Hand-carved bracing, responsive backs and individually thicknessed tops bring our guitars to life. 

  • Intonation

    Weʼve been told by our clients that the intonation of our instruments is the best theyʼve ever heard. Thatʼs no accident – we spend a lot of time making sure each note comes out right.