Dehradun Guitar Company builds world-class custom instruments in the foothills of the Himalayas. Our passion is to create highly responsive instruments that inspire your best music – treasured works of art that you will hand down to the next generation.

Lots of people ask us, “Why India?”  Well, many of us grew up with privileges and opportunities that the majority world could only dream of. We could have just as easily been born into poverty. Realizing this brings a healthy tension into your life; it makes you want to extend that blessing – the blessing of opportunity – to others. So you invest your resources where the needs are the greatest.

True change in an impoverished community requires a new way of thinking. Itʼs a holistic redemptive process, and work is foundational to that process. Offering training and jobs brings relationships, productivity, dignity, livelihood and new kind of freedom.  When you play a Dehradun, you become a part of this process of empowering artisans in north India.