Super Dready

The first dreadnoughts were built in 1916, but they didn’t come into their own until the late 1930’s, when Gibson and Martin craftsmen embarked on a tour de force that gave us some of the most iconic instruments of all time. During that period both companies introduced improved designs that took over the music scene and fueled generations of subsequent songwriters, flat pickers and strummers of all genres.

Great for alternate tunings, thumping blues or slap style, the Dready walks the line between muscle and class. With its wider waist and longer scale, it has the most dynamic range and unplugged headroom of any of our designs. The advanced X bracing is laid out more evenly than on traditional factorybuilt guitars, resulting in rich bass and crisp highs without any muddiness in the mix.

It has been said that great guitars already have songs inside them, waiting to be coaxed out by the right player. That’s true on a whole new level with the Dready; in fact, a great dreadnought can feel like it has not just a few songs, but a whole orchestra inside it.

We offer the Super Dready in long scale, 14 frets to the body, non-cutaway.


Width at upper bout: 11.5
Width at lower bout: 16.1
Depth at tail: 4.6
Scale length: 25.34
Frets to body: 14
Width at waist: 10.5
Total length: 41

Super Dready Demo