Ajay is in charge of business operations. He also oversees soundbox construction and voicing. He has a wonderful ear and understands how to coax the soundboard into maximum responsiveness without sacrificing structure. He and his wife have a 2 year old son.



Amen learned to play guitar as a kid by drawing strings and frets on a stick of firewood and forming the chords he saw other guys playing. Amen expresses his creativity in our custom inlays. He also works on building necks and in guitar set-up. 



Rahul and Vishal have been best friends since they were kids, and they both grew up within a stone’s throw of the shop. Rahul sings while he works, and smiles and laughs easily. From hand carving the bracing to bending the backs and sides, Rahul builds the soundbox for nearly every Dehradun guitar.



TP was born in Delhi, raised in Nepal, and has been in the Dehradun area since he was 14. TP was one of DGCʼs first apprentices and brings dedication, loyalty and excellence to the shop every day. He’s in charge of training, quality control, assembly and setup. He and his wife have a baby boy.



Vishal has worked on nearly every process in guitar building and is currently perfecting our finish work. He is from Rajpur and excels at everything he puts his hands to.



Babloo has a strong eye for detail and creates intricate inlay work on our headstocks and rosettes. He also builds guitars necks and looks after our accounts in the office. He is married and has a young daughter.



Our Director of Sales, Sayan, is a true artist.  He may be more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it, but he often gets pushed to center stage, because he’s just as capable a performer as he is a promoter.  Lucky for us, he has chosen to invest his talents promoting the work of other artists - those who make  and play our guitars.