In the late 1800’s, a guitar wouldn’t have been affordable or desirable to the average family – not because of the instrument itself, but because of its handmade gut strings. These strings were expensive, changed tune with the weather, frayed and broke easily.

During the Industrial Revolution in America, steel string material became cheap and widely available due in large part to the need for wire livestock fencing on huge tracts of land. Companies like Martin, founded by a transplanted German woodworker, began to experiment with the material. These new, steel string instruments were still compact, often built with 12 frets to the body like the traditional Spanish guitars that preceded them. Anyone could learn a few chords and soon, guitars could be found in parlors and around campfires all over America.

The Fireside is our nod to history, our way of honoring the tradition of the instrument. Compact enough to go along wherever you roam, but it sounds anything but small, with a rich, even tone that will find a place in any mix - by the campfire, on the stage or in the studio.

With ultra-low soundboard mass and a responsive brace carve, the Fireside comes alive to the lightest touch, purpose-built to work especially well for fingerstyle and folk music.

We offer the Fireside in short scale, 12 frets to the body, non-cutaway.


Width at upper bout: 10
Width at lower bout: 14.3
Depth at tail: 4
Scale length: 24.9
Frets to body: 12
Width at waist: 8.35
Total length: 38.5

Fireside Demo