(EDIT)How much will my instrument cost?

Most builds end up somewhere between our base price and 5000 USD. Some go a lot higher, depending on what the customer is looking for. You can check out a list of options with pricing (includes info on electric guitars) a couple paragraphs down. The base price includes everything you need: design consultation, hard case, DTAR dual source electronics for acoustic guitars, and your choice of wood binding in rosewood, African wenge, Indian padauk, curly koa, curly maple or ebony. We’ll help you choose between north Indian rosewood, east Indian rosewood, African wenge and Indian padauk for the back and sides, and either Sitka spruce or western red cedar for the soundboard. You can also choose from available tonewood upgrades (see below). More expensive wood won’t necessarily look better or sound better. It’s more expensive because it costs us more to procure it for you. But we do like to keep quite a variety on hand, and some of it is particularly special.

Does that price include anything else?

We fit a lot of guitar into our base price. It includes a 3-piece mahogany and rosewood neck, carved peghead volute, matched fingerboard & bridge of ebony, wenge or rosewood, front & back peghead overlays, two-way stainless steel truss rod with soundhole access, our signature interrupted rosette inlay or any traditional rosette style, the integrated beam and column headblock/transverse brace design, custom bracing design, hand-mitered side, front and back purflings, inlaid center back binding strip and matching tapered end graft and heel cap. For solid pegheads, we normally use Gotoh Mini 510 Mini Cosmo black tuners. For slotted pegheads, we use matte black Schertler tuners with ebony knobs.

What does (insert wood species here) sound like?

All other things being equal, a cedar soundboard tends to sound warm and shimmery. A spruce soundboard tends to sound bright, clean and even. Redwood is somewhere between the two. Rosewood adds clarity and complexity, and so does African wenge. Acacia is nearly identical to koa, contributing to warmth, with a strong fundamental. Maple tends to be at the far end – clear, strident and punchy. 

(EDIT)Can you teach me to build?

We’re not a luthier training school at this point. Maybe someday we’ll be able to start something. Training someone to build instruments takes a tremendous time investment on our part. Our craftsmen may train for anywhere from 3 months to two years to master one process. 

Do you do repairs?

Probably not, unless it’s a very valuable guitar that justifies an expensive repair. We design and build instruments from the ground up, which requires lots of passion and focus.

(EDIT)How are you going to get this to me?

Shipping by DHL Air, if required, is an additional $200 USD. We get a fair number of visitors here in India so when possible, we will have your instrument hand-carried to you by a trusted friend. If you prefer, you’re welcome to come visit the shop and carry your instrument home. Just make sure we know plenty of time in advance.

What kind of custom options do you offer?

We love building unique instruments, and we’ll consider any design ideas that are in good taste. Please note that some of these options may add extra time to your delivery schedule.

Do you offer a warranty?

All Dehradun guitars have a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner. Please note that we build with all solid woods. Wood is sensitive to changes in humidity, so we cannot cover damage due to improper storage conditions. Storing your instrument properly is the best way to give it a long life! After you take delivery of your instrument, you have a week to evaluate it. You may find slight blemishes here or there – proof that these are not built by machines, but by highly skilled, slightly flawed humans. Anything you see, we’ve certainly already noticed. If you are not satisfied with the instrument for any reason, you may return it. A full refund, minus shipping charges, will be issued once the guitar has been sold. So far we have never had an instrument returned, but we want to make sure you’re happy and if you’re not, for any reason, we’ll work to make it right.

Still have questions?

Please contact us.  We'd love to hear from you!