Concert 13

The first handmade guitar Dave ever played was a Small Jumbo, custombuilt for guitar legend Phil Keaggy in the mid 1980’s by Dave’s mentor and friend, Jim Olson. It was that moment that inspired him to build in the first place. While Jim went on to deliver his now iconic SJ to the likes of James Taylor, Zac Brown, David Crosby, Doyle Dykes and Leo Kottke, Dave carried that inspiration while designing our first custom order, Dehradun #1, an SJ built as a wedding gift to the groom from his new father in-law.

Our Small Jumbo is a medium-sized, full-depth instrument with elegant lines and a clean, balanced response on every note. It gives shimmering bass and lots of harmonic overtone content, a sound so sweet you may have a hard time putting it down - quite literally. One of our most sincere compliments came from a customer who complained that he wasn’t getting any sleep, because he couldn’t stop playing his new SJ.

We build these very responsive, with low action and a fast, ergonomic neck, making them an unparalleled tool for expression. Compared to larger guitars, you’ll get more even dynamics when you switch between fingers and a pick. Notes bloom with complex harmonics all the way up the fretboard.

Our standard SJ is a 14-fret, long scale design. This is great for a bit of extra power and articulation. We also offer this in the short scale, with 13- frets clear of the body. This places the bridge in a slightly wider location in the lower bout, resulting in greater warmth and effortless playability. Available in non-cutaway, Florentine or Venetian cutaway.


Width at upper bout: 11.8
Width at lower bout: 15.2
Depth at tail: 4.4
Scale length: 24.9
Frets to body: 13
Width at waist: 9.6
Total length: 40

Concert 13 Demo