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Build Philosophy

Most guitars are designed by marketing committees, whose primary goals are sales and subsequently, indestructibility. Then theyʼre built by factories, whose primary goal is efficiency. These goals probably donʼt completely line up with the desires of the player. As custom builders, we get excited about building you an instrument that will help you play and sound your best. Thatʼs probably what you want, too.

But we do live in constant tension. On one hand, weʼre trying to get the instrument to respond, to move as much as possible. On the other hand, the construction needs to be stiff enough in all the right places so the neck angle is solid, and so the soundboard doesnʼt distort too much under the torque action of the strings at the bridge. 

Instead of just rehashing old factory designs, we think through every joint and every brace, to make the guitar respond to the player, while focusing on structure where itʼs needed the most – especially in the neck joint and upper bout, and around the bridge.


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