Dehradun Guitar Company builds world-class custom instruments in the foothills of the Himalayas. 

Lots of people ask us, “Why India?”  If you’re able to read this, you probably grew up with privileges and opportunities that most people in this world could only dream of. Knowing this brings a healthy tension into your life. It gets you thinking about how you can invest your resources where the needs are greatest. That’s how we landed here.

When you play a Dehradun, you’re empowering artisans in north India. And they’re not just artisans; they’re survivors. If you’ve had a chance to meet our builders and talk with them, you know what I mean.Decades of foreign aid have had little lasting benefit in the developing world. In most cases, free money results in carelessness and corruption. Creating jobs brings dignity, responsibility and sustained freedom from poverty, especially when this happens in the context of a healthy community.

This is why we work to:

  • Create jobs – Providing holistic training, design direction and employment for artisans in north India.
  • Provide markets – Connecting local artisans with sustainable global markets, and identifying new market opportunities.
  • Build community – Bringing hope, creating prosperous futures and being family with our coworkers in one of the most challenging environments in the world.